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Encounter Youth is a fee-for-service provider that supports schools and community groups to provide relevant, up-to-date, researched based party safe information. We’re committed to providing Party Safe Education seminars to complement what the school is already achieving in alcohol and other drug education and pastoral care programs.

Party Safe Education seminars are developed to account for different young people’s stage of development. The seminars are designed to complement the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and Child Protection Curriculum.

Seminars can be tailored to suit the needs of the young people, parents and staff e.g. a topic of concern or relevance to a group of young people can be explored in greater detail.

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  • It’s the complete end of year celebration guide! This seminar continues to encourage young people in making great choices and to look after themselves and their mates as they celebrate the end of their schooling. As this unique time in their life approaches, Year 12s are able to identify the key warning signs to assist a person affected by alcohol and/or other drugs, whilst debunking the myths to sobering up. Whether students are celebrating at Schoolies Festival™ or out of town, Encounter Youth informs them about what the law says and suggests what to pack, where to stay and how to get there safely. All this straight from the people who oversee Australia’s safest schoolies celebration: Schoolies Festival™, Victor Harbor.

  • With a focus on safety when celebrating, this seminar looks at what makes someone more vulnerable and what responsibilities one can take charge of to keep themselves and their mates safe. The discussion of party fights, relationships and getting home from a party seeks to alert, inform and empower young people to own the choices and responsibilities they have and to encourage young people in the development of their social responsibility within the community.

  • The stats, the facts, the risks. This seminar provides the opportunity for young people to consider their own expectations and beliefs around drinking choices and compare these to the choices of young people Australia-wide. Through a range of interactive activities, young people are able to process the realities of alcohol use and its part in their lives, as well as the role of peer pressure, community and cultural influences. Young people are informed with the latest research on alcohol use and adolescent brain development with brief consideration to illicit drug use and how they can assist a person affected by alcohol and/or other drugs.

  • In a time when developing an identity is everything, we encourage young people to be part of the majority who make positive choices when socialising and celebrating with their mates. We begin a conversation about why young people are generally riskier beings, the positive and negative risky situations they may face (e.g. peer pressure, underage drinking, drug use) and discuss key strategies to prevent or deal with those situations.

  • Students are hands on with different types of drug packaging (alcohol, energy drinks, analgesics, other prescribed medication and cigarettes) as we explore the positive and negative health effects as well as the short and long term consequences of drug use. We educate about how to responsibly use legal and prescribed medications, the dangers of drug misuse, and discuss the dangers of illicit drugs. We uncover the positive choices young people are making in relation to drug use and encourage young people to continue to improve the statistics. Students leave empowered and equipped with knowledge to educate their friends, family and communities. They will also be informed about a range of resources to support them in their adolescent journey.

    * a maximum of 30 students per 50 minute seminar.

  • Encounter Youth facilitates an interactive discussion between parents, grandparents and guardians about considerations when hosting a party. Together we compare plans for a 13th versus a 16th or 18th and provide key hints and tips of how to protect your young person, their mates and your home. A key aspect of the seminar is discussing alcohol as part of young people’s celebrations and the legal information to know as a supervisor. We encourage parents, grandparents and guardians with conversation starters about parties and alcohol with their young person. 

  • Concerned about formals, after parties or house parties? Working with parents and guardians of formal attendees and school staff, this engaging workshop will provide information around legalities and duty of care when hosting a party and key information for parent or guardians to know before their young person attends a party. Encounter Youth present up-to-date, research based information and will facilitate discussion on how to communicate expectations before your young person jumps into some of the biggest celebrations of the year.

    This seminar recommended for a school information evening or a formal ticket collection evening. For further information, contact us.

  • For parents and guardians of school leavers, the end of the year can bring anxiety and fear as their children prepare to attend the annual Schoolies Festival™ at Victor Harbor. As the organisers of Schoolies Festival™, we will explain first hand the support services available, laws regarding alcohol and hints and tips for parents or guardians of a ‘schoolie.’

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