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Encounter Youth seeks to be a positive influence on young people.

We support young people to make a positive difference in the world.

Encounter Youth

As a staff team and volunteer group of over four hundred and fifty, we support and equip young people to make a lasting difference in their communities and the world at large.

We fulfil our mandate by…

Offering direct support to those facing serious social challenges.

Providing education and training programs.

Facilitating volunteer and service opportunities.

Working collaboratively with local communities.

Advocating for the best interests of young people.






We are motivated by our Christian faith and represent a rich variety of South Australian Christian communities.

At Encounter Youth, we feel privileged to impact the lives of thousands of Australian young people each year as we encourage them to make a positive impact in society.


Encounter Youth is home to the following programs:

Empower Education  •  Schoolies Festival  •  Hindley Street Program™  •  Green Team®

Empower Education

Encounter Youth is the largest provider of Alcohol & Other Drug education to South Australian secondary school students and our program is available across Australia. Our research-based program incorporates up-to-date trends in young people and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

We educate students, parents and teachers with strategies that empower young people to look after themselves and their mates.

Empower Education offers Alcohol & Other Drug Education.
Years 12s: Join us at Schoolies Festival™!

Schoolies Festival

Schoolies Festival is managed by Encounter Youth. If you are a current Year 12 student planning to celebrate in Victor Harbor, South Australia at the end of the year, you’ve come to the right place.


Hindley Street Program

Through our Hindley Street Program, Encounter Youth Green Team volunteers provide support to young people every Saturday night and bring a safe and positive presence to Hindley Street.

The program offers a direct intervention to minimise the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs in the Hindley Street precinct.

Volunteer in the Hindley Street Program™!
Keen to Volunteer? Join the Green Team®!

Green Team® Volunteers

Encounter Youth mobilises over 450 Christian volunteers to serve in local communities facing serious social challenges. 

We aim to provide direct relief from harm and create safer environments in collaboration with emergency services, community groups, councils, state governments, local traders and the public.

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Our Corporate Partners

We are proud to acknowledge the following corporate partners for their ongoing support of our programs.