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About Us

As a not-for-profit charitable organisation, Encounter Youth aims to directly relieves the harms associated with challenging social environments facing young people that are known to cause anxiety, pain, poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability, destitution, and helplessness. We achieve this by working collaboratively with the community and providing effective programs, professional management of volunteers and engaging education.

Our story began in 1999 when we implemented positive engagement strategies with school-leavers converging in Victor Harbor. By collaborating with the community we were able to respond to a complex issue and transform it into a safer celebration today known as the Schoolies Festival™.

With the myriad of diverse issues facing young people today, we educate young people to navigate through social situations safely, whilst also caring for them if a time in need arises. We help to prevent, reduce and manage negative influences on young people. We hope our work in schools & the wider community will inspire you to join us in supporting young people to make choices that protect themselves and also their friends.

Encounter Youth seeks to:

  1. To minimise and prevent harm to, and self-harm by, young people associated with the consumption of drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances, sexual abuse, violence, or other criminal behaviour;
  2. To provide aid to those in distress or at risk of harm associated with such abusive, violent or criminal behaviours by young people;
  3. To provide education, training and activities to enable young people to understand and respond well to the risks associated with such abusive, violent or criminal behaviours;
  4. To provide opportunities for young people to organise and participate in safe social and physical activities that may prevent or minimise the risk of such harm and enhance their life skills and usefulness to society;
  5. To partner and cooperate variously with government agencies, schools, churches, charities, other service organisations and private sponsors in order to empower, care for and support young people.