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Alcohol & Other Drug Education

Since 2000, Encounter Youth has provided Alcohol & Other Drug education to students, parents and teachers. We are the largest provider of school Alcohol & Other Drug education to South Australian secondary students, educating over 30,000 young people, parents and teachers last year.

We aim to alert, inform and empower young people to bring about safer, more meaningful celebration. We adopt a harm-minimisation approach and encourage students to ‘look after themselves and their mates’. Our program aims to reduce and prevent alcohol & other drug-related harm among young people.

Our Alcohol & Other Drug education program is available in both in-person and online formats.

Why over 90 schools Chose Us Last Year


We are committed to a best-practice approach to Alcohol & Other Drug education. Our program is designed to be delivered to students each successive year through high school, building on the knowledge from the previous year. Our whole-of-school approach involves students, parents and teachers assisting in building relationships and credibility with students and supporting schools in providing a consistent approach to Alcohol & Other Drug education.


We take a positive, fact-based approach to Alcohol & Other Drug education, avoiding scare tactics and sensationalism. Our program is engaging and highly interactive, providing structured activities for students to express their questions, thoughts and opinions. This allows our presenters to provide students with credible and practical information around alcohol & other drugs during each education seminar.


Supported by up-to-date research, we provide students with fact-based information that focuses on the growing number of students who are choosing not to drink alcohol or take other drugs. On this foundation, we address the realities that some students choose to drink at risky levels or engage with drugs, and we discuss strategies to reduce harm and to look after a mate if a night doesn’t go according to plan.


Our school program is designed by teachers, mapped to the Australian Curriculum (V 9.0) and Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum (2023), and delivered by trained education professionals to ensure its alignment and consistency with the school curriculum. We are committed to supporting and enhancing your school’s existing education and pastoral care programs. (See our full program curriculum links and program inclusions here.)


Our educational program can be customised to cater for specific situations or the needs of the young people, parents and staff at your school. Get in touch today to discuss how we might be able to customise our program for your community.

Empower Education Program Offerings


Explore all the packages and seminars we offer today!

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Online Learning

Our entire Alcohol & Other Drug education program is available online via our secure Online Learning Platform.

Whether your students are attending school or staying at home, we provide education mapped to the Australian Curriculum and the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.


Tackling these topics is challenging. For this reason, we have prepared resources for teachers, young people, Year 12s and parents. We also have specific resources on vaping and e-cigarettes.


Finding the right information you need for your community can sometimes be a little tricky.

Check out our frequently asked questions today.

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Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart from other education providers? We have educated communities for over 23 years. Our content is designed by teachers and mapped to the Australian Curriculum. It’s engaging, relevant and research based.

An independent evaluation of our program found that 100% of educators said our presenters were good communicators and knowledgeable on the topic, and stated that they would recommend the program to other teachers.

See student, teacher and parent reviews on our Why Choose Us? page.

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We have educated over 250,000 young people. Together, let’s support your students and give them the best Alcohol & Other Drug education on offer.

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We are supported by the Department for Education and Variety – The Children’s Charity.

These partnerships offer subsidised fees and travel for South Australian school communities.

Department for Education

Our Alcohol & Other Drug education program is proudly supported by the South Australian Government through the Department for Education. This partnership supports our goal to help every SA secondary school community access affordable preventative AOD education, delivered by trained education professionals. We are very appreciative for the program subsidies provided by the State Government that assist in removing the financial barrier that some schools face in taking a whole of school approach to AOD education.

Variety – the Children’s Charity

Variety – the Children’s Charity are supporting Encounter Youth to provide effective Alcohol & Other Drug education to regional and disadvantaged schools across South Australia. If your school is in a regional area of South Australia or is disadvantaged (score of under 1,000 on the index of community socio-educational advantage), get in touch to see what support we can provide for your community.