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Partner To Make An ImpactDONATE

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(South Australian Schools)

Put on your superhero cape. You’re about to wow your principal and save your school an absolute bundle.

Better yet, you’re about to unveil SA’s leading alcohol & other drug program to your student body.

Yes, at a vastly subsidised rate, you’re going to make a lasting impact on your students by equipping them with relevant age-specific alcohol & other drug education.

Plus, we’ll keep you, as a partner school, powered-up with the latest up-to-date trends, news and resources.

What is a Partner School?

A partner school is a school that sees the value in adopting Encounter Youth’s whole-of-school approach.

A whole-of-school educational approach involves students, parents and teachers. We address each year of the student body with age-appropriate information and build a student’s knowledge each successive year. Adding age-relevant material each year, delivered by our trained educational professionals, has the added benefit of building trust and continuity to ensure an optimum learning experience.

A Partner School may adopt our program for either their Senior School (Year 10, 11, 12 and Parents) or their Middle School (Year 7, 8, 9 and Parents).

You’re welcome to adopt our program for both Senior School and Middle School, but we do not offer stand-alone courses. For instance, you cannot request a seminar for only your Year 9s or only your Year 11s. This is simply not best practice.

We offer two plans to our partner schools.

Silver Plan

Standard Program

Get your silver-subsidised package for this year and you’ll get our holistic program at a vastly subsidised rate of at least 58% off for 2019/2020.

Get in touch today to discover the subsidy package available to your school.

Gold Plan

Get your gold-subsidised package and you’ll get our holistic program at a vastly subsidised rate guaranteed until 2021/2022.


  • You’ll have access to a FREE incident response each year worth $1,5001.
  • You’ll receive our gold-partner resources2. (These resources can be used in follow-up lessons to reinforce and remind.)
  • Your travel costs will be covered for each year.
  • Your school will be acknowledged among the Gold Partner Schools on our website.

Get in touch today to discover the subsidy package available to your school.

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch. We so believe in the quality of our program that we want to partner with you in offering it to your student body at a subsidised rate.

We only ask two things. Firstly, we ask you to commit to either the Silver or Gold Plan. Secondly, we ask our Gold Partners to add our “Partner School” logo to any webpage on your school website3. That’s it.

What Next?

Make your principal’s day by sharing the good news.

Sign up for our holistic program.

Decide on whether you’re going silver or gold.

Pat yourself on the back for another job well done.

Interested? Contact us touch today and we’ll discuss a custom subsidy plan for your school.

Gold Partner Schools

Gold Partner Schools
Tumby Bay Area School
Gold Partner Schools
Saint Ignatius’ College
Gold Partner Schools
Findon High School


Students & Teachers


It was informative, especially using statistics around non-drinkers within the age bracket.”

Teacher, Seaview High School


I didn’t realise how long alcohol stayed in the system. As a P-plate driver, I now will wait longer before driving after a party.”

Year 12 student, Eynesbury Senior College


Partner School, Encounter Youth Education™

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