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Encounter Youth hosts the Green Team Volunteers.

Schoolies Operation

Schoolies Operation is the managed response to school leaver celebrations in Victor Harbor. Encounter Youth facilitates the only non-government response to a school-leaver celebration in Australia. The Operation runs over four days and has many moving parts. We facilitate the coordination and management of the Schoolies Festival™ as a harm minimisation strategy, including the provision of a 25-fleet bus service, accommodation support, street teams and so much more.

A major part of the operation are the incredible volunteers known as the “Green Team”, which is made up of over 450 volunteers from more than 45 church-based teams. Our volunteers support and encourage young people in a host of different ways as they celebrate the end of their schooling.

Mission in our Backyard

Schoolies Operation is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the largest mission trip in South Australia. We get to model the servant heart and hands of Jesus to everyone in Victor Harbor across the weekend!

The Green Team is the heartbeat of the Schoolies Operation. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do. Their dedication, generosity, and passion are what make this operation successful in supporting young people in their celebrations.

What Can You Expect?

The weekend is full of experiences: from meeting people from all across South Australia to building stronger connections and experiences with people from your very own church!

One thing we know for sure is that over the weekend, you’ll smile at, chat with or dance battle against a recent Year 12 graduate. Okay, we can’t guarantee the dance battle!

We manage the Operation through different “Zones”. These are a breakdown of key areas where we can provide support and positively engage with school leavers.

Across the weekend, you and your team will be allocated to serve in one of the following areas…

  The Accommodation Zone  

The Accommodation Zone is located in three of our Partner Accommodation Providers. Volunteers serve in these caravan parks 24 hours a day across the weekend. They have a central “Green Team Tent” where they provide chill vibes, limited amounts of food and a friendly face keen for a chat. Across the weekend, they’ll develop strong relationships with school leavers and maybe take them on in a friendly, high-stakes game of basketball!

  The Bus Zone  

The Bus Zone ensures that young people are safe across the weekend, especially when travelling from their accommodation to the Festival and back again. The bus service is a loop service from 7 pm to 2 am across the three nights of the Festival. Volunteers have a crucial role to play in building anticipation with school leavers as they arrive at the Festival.

  The Welcome Zone  

The Welcome Zone is in the surrounding streets around the Festival site on Warland Reserve. Hot doughnuts have been a staple of this zone for many years. Volunteers play basketball, hopscotch or sit and have a good chat. This role is key in directing school leavers to the Festival, buses, and food locations, and in keeping an eye out for solo travellers.

  The Festival Zone  

The Festival Zone is on Warland Reserve and is the home base for the Operation. Volunteers bring the party to the Festival, from dancing up a storm in the Music Bowl, challenging someone to a round of air hockey in The Arcade or playing giant Jenga in The Garden. Over the weekend, volunteers in this Zone will have a lot of different interactions with school leavers.

  Other Opportunities  

There are also a couple of additional areas where you can serve. Do you have an interest in social media? A passion to serve volunteers? A particular musical talent? Or a heart for administration? Get in touch with us to chat about these special volunteer roles.

I loved being able to connect with the schoolies and other Green Team members.

Lauren H
1st Year Volunteering

Love being able to practically support young people celebrate finishing school and being a part of a collective team.

Tayla G
4 Years Volunteering

Providing a safe place so a school leaver has someone to make sure they’re not taken advantage of while in a vulnerable state.

Bradley W
9 Years Volunteering

Key Information

Get In Touch

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or call us directly on (08) 8179 0300.

We’d love to hear from you.