Report for Schoolies Operation 2018

2019 Encounter Youth Schoolies Operation Incident Report Form

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Thank you for completing an incident report for Schoolies Operation 2019

What is an incident?
An incident is an undesired event, which resulted or could have resulted in harm, damage or loss.

An incident report MUST be completed if:

  • An individual was injured;
  • An individual has received first aid care;
  • An individual was taken to hospital, a doctor's surgery, emergency dental surgery, or seen by another medical professional;
  • An outside emergency service is contacted;
  • There was an alleged illegal act, 
  • There was a serious volunteer dispute;
  • An individual was sent home;
  • Property was damaged, lost or stolen;
  • A near miss has occurred; or
  • Other situations which will require judgment and consultation with an Encounter Youth staff member.
Our mantra is 'If in doubt, fill one out!"

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