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The Team Behind the Green

Championing Young People. Building the Future.

For over 23 years, we’ve supported young people in making a positive difference in the world. As a staff team and volunteer group of over four hundred fifty, we’re known on the frontlines as the Green Team.

We protect the vulnerabilities of young people, preventing death, sexual assaults, alcohol-related harm, violence and public damage through the management of our Hindley Street program, our leading Alcohol & Other Drug Education program and our annual management of Schoolies.

We now offer the opportunity for everyone to support our impactful work in the community by providing a new, meaningful way for you to get involved.

We invite you to partner financially with us.

By making a donation, you become one of our Impact Partners – the team behind the green.  

As an Impact Partner, you’re welcome to journey a little closer with us in celebrating the positive impact made in young people’s lives and in pioneering new ways to do so. You will hear exclusive news first and be given access to unique opportunities along the way. Of course, if you prefer to contribute without further interaction, we’ll certainly respect that choice, too. 

Introducing Our Impact Partners Program

Encounter Youth, Impact Partners, Donate Today (Featured Image for Socials)

Our Causes

Your donation is directed to where it’s needed most or to a cause you’re interested in supporting.

Impact Partners, Donate Today
Impact Partners, Our Causes

Give Where It’s Needed Most

Love what we do across all of our programs? Your gift will go directly to where it’s needed most at the time of your donation.

Impact Partners, Donate Today
Impact Partners, Our Causes

Sponsor a Green Team Volunteer

Your gift will contribute to training our Green Team volunteers to support young people facing social challenges.

What’s Involved?

Your partnership will enable a volunteer to be equipped in areas such as: 

  • how to positively engage with young people 
  • triage response and mental health first aid training 
  • tailored alcohol and other drug education for situations they may encounter 
  • how to respond to social challenges and their changing dynamics 
  • how to care for themselves and know the extent of their responsibility to others 

Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated. You may find it helpful to know that it currently costs $422.28 to annually train a volunteer on Hindley Street and $262.22 for a volunteer to serve in Schoolies Operation. A breakdown of costs is depicted below.

Impact Partners, Donate Today
Impact Partners, Our Causes

Grow our Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program

Your gift will allow more school communities to receive our Alcohol & Other Drug education program, empowering them to make safer, smarter choices.

What’s Involved?

Your partnership will contribute to things like: 

  • empower young people to make informed decisions for their own health and wellbeing , and to be a great mate in a time of need
  • increase accessibility to educate disadvantaged and regional school communities 
  • develop our online learning platform to increase its effectiveness  
  • develop our Teacher Resource Room to further support teachers 

Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Help us reach one student for $13.91 or a school community with 100 students for $1,391.


If you have any questions, get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you.