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(South Australian Schools)

Over many years, Encounter Youth Education has built a reputation of being experts in the field of alcohol & other drugs here in South Australia. Our trained education professionals have the experience and expertise to assist you and your school should a drug incident occur.

What is a Drug Incident?

A drug incident may include any of the following:

  • A drug-related offence being committed
  • Suspicion, possession or distribution of drugs
  • Suspicion or use of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug use by adults on school grounds
  • Drug use by adults where students are present

Be aware that a drug-related offence can involve otherwise legal drugs. For example, if a student is selling prescription medication, then this is an offence.

A drug incident has occurred at our school…

What Now?

If a drug incident has occurred in your school community, thinking about how to manage the incident can be a daunting task. There are many crucial steps that need to be taken to ensure  a positive outcome for the individual(s) involved and your school community. To help you navigate the incident, one of our alcohol & other drugs experts can come to your school and consult with senior staff to help find the best, tailored strategy for your individual situation. Although we cannot manage the incident for you, we will ensure that your staff are well equipped with the knowledge and confidence to positively manage the incident with all parties involved.

For schools located outside the metro Adelaide area, the incident response consultation will occur via phone and/or video conference.

If you’re in need of our incident response consultation, please contact us at any time. We can provide a consult for $1,500 + GST. For more information, email us directly or call us at 08 8179 0300.

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