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Online Learning Platform

Despite the prevailing uncertainty facing many teachers and students, we have good news to share.

Our entire alcohol & other drug education program is available online via our secure website platform.

Yes, whether your students are attending school or staying at home, you can offer them our engaging education program that is mapped to the Australian Curriculum and the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

Student-focused content. Teacher-empowered Platform.

As always, our content is focused on the student. However, our online learning platform is also designed to empower the teacher.

Course Content

Our interactive online learning platform consists of content, graphics, short videos and downloadable PDFs for each student to enjoy a comprehensive learning experience. This is the exact research-based program we normally present “live” to your students. Plus, our online course presenters are the people you and your students know well.

What’s more, there is no course preparation required on your part. Instead, you can monitor and manage your students’ progress via your online Teacher’s Dashboard and even email them directly from your dashboard. You have full control over the students at your school. You’re also welcome to peruse the engaging course content yourself; you have full access to everything presented to your students.

Privacy and Security

Our online learning platform is hosted on our secure website and your student’s information—specifically their names, contact email address and course progress—is securely stored and available solely to you as the school coordinator and the Encounter Youth Education staff.

Furthermore, we erase all data pertaining to your school and your students at the end of the learning year. While this will require a fresh registration process each year, we have decided on this course of action in line with privacy and security best practice.


The Online Learning Platform is the best way for students and staff to engage with our program online. But we also don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so we offer the program through “live” webinars for students or parents as well.

Working Together to Educate Your Students

We’ve made the process as smooth as possible while ensuring you remain in control of your students’ best interests.


Create an account for your school on our secure online platform.

Assign administrative privileges to you, inviting you to login to the platform. You’ll have the chance to explore the online learning platform before your students arrive.

Manage any queries you have and assist with any issues that may arise.


Invite your students to register on the online learning platform. All that’s required is their full name and email address.

Monitor their progress through the easy to use Teacher’s Dashboard. You can do as much or as little monitoring as you decide is necessary.

That’s it. You have an online learning platform at your disposal.

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