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Party Safe Education™

Encounter Youth has been providing Party Safe Education™ to students, parents and teachers since 2004. We are the largest provider of alcohol and other drug education to South Australian secondary students, educating 20,000 young people and parents last year. We aim to alert, inform, and empower young people to bring about safer, more meaningful celebration. We adopt a harm minimisation approach and encourage students to ‘look after themselves and their mates’. Our program aims to reduce and prevent alcohol and other drug-related harm among young people.

Party Safe EducationWe present Party Safe Education™ to high school students, parents and teachers in schools and community groups across Australia. We are committed to a holistic approach to learning and education. Party Safe Education™ provides a consistent positive message through all the seminars. As students progress through high school, we equip them with research-based, up-to-date alcohol and other drug trends and party safe tips appropriate to their age.

Staying safe at a party is, by nature, a practical skill. This is why our Party Safe Education™ presenters not only provide information but also the practicalities of how to use that information to stay safe. We incorporate real stories and experiences from the young people we engage with in our community programs, including Schoolies Festival™ and our Hindley Street program in the Adelaide CBD.

Party Safe EducationParty Safe Education™ is a vital part of our holistic approach in providing direct relief of harm to young people facing challenging social situations. Find out more about Party Safe Education™ through our seminars page or the pages for students, parents, and teachers below.

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