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Preparing Young People & Parents for ‘Rite of Passage’ Events

Encounter Youth’s Party Safe Education seminars help South Australian young people and their parents to be prepared for key events in the school calendar. School formals, associated after-parties and end-of-school celebrations like Schoolies Festival are often viewed as a ‘rite of passage’ into adulthood. Within Australian culture, these celebrations are often associated with drinking and this association can increase the risks for the young people who are involved.

Looking for our full alcohol & other drug education program for Years 7-12? The Encounter Youth Education page has just what you need!

Why Choose Party Safe Education

Party Safe Education provides interactive, research-based, up-to-date seminars that discuss key events on the end-of-school calendar, as well as alcohol and other drugs. Our program equips young people to look after themselves and their mates as they celebrate and aims to provide schools with an evidence-based program that support and complements their existing education.

Staying safe at a party is, by nature, a practical skill. This is why our Party Safe Education presenters not only provide information but also the practicalities of how to use that information to stay safe. We incorporate real stories and experiences from the young people we engage with in our community programs, including Schoolies Festival and our Hindley Street program in the Adelaide CBD. Along with the topic material, students will be provided with links to high-quality information and support providers who can assist them in seeking further help if required.

Encounter Youth Education, Party Safe Education, Andrew Scholefield
Encounter Youth Education, Party Safe Education, Gleason College

What We Cover in Party Safe Education™ Seminars

1. Safety at Schoolies

Year 12

Party Safe at Schoolies

The complete end-of-year celebration guide! Whether students are planning on celebrating at Schoolies Festival or out of town, they’ll be equipped with up-to-date, helpful information necessary for partying safely and responsibly. As the people who oversee Australia’s safest school leavers’ celebration, we’re confident they’ll be well prepared.

Topics include:

  • Key warning signs of intoxication
  • Practical party safety tips for celebrating
  • Debunking alcohol and other drug myths
  • Official Schoolies Festival information

2. Parent’s Schoolies Festival Information Evening

Parents of Students at Schoolies

For parents of school leavers, the end of the year can bring anxiety and fear.

This seminar helps to inform parents about the strategies we have in place to make the Schoolies Operation as positive and safe as possible.

Topics include:

  • “Rites of passage” and school leavers’ celebrations
  • From chaotic to controlled – the Schoolies Festival story
  • Young people and alcohol
  • Hints and tips for parents of a ‘schoolie’

3. Pre-Formal Party Guide

Year 11/12

Parents of Students at Schoolies

Teachers can be tempted to turn a blind eye to formal after-parties but there is often concern.

This seminar will help equip young people for the risks they may encounter and will encourage them to make choices to party safe.

Topics include:

  • Key warning signs of intoxication
  • Party fights
  • Safe relationships
  • Getting home safely

*This seminar is recommended for a school information evening or a formal ticket collection evening.*

4. Parent’s Pre-Formal Information Evening

Parents of Students at Schoolies

Concerned about formals, after parties or house parties? Working with parents, grandparents and guardians, Encounter Youth will facilitate discussion on key considerations before students jump into some of the biggest celebrations of the year.

Topics include:

  • Young people and alcohol
  • Safety strategies for after parties
  • Considerations when hosting a party
  • Legalities and duty-of-care

*This seminar is recommended for a school information evening or a formal ticket collection evening.*

Interested in providing Party Safe Education for your school community?

Are you a regional school in South Australia? We’ve got some great news for you.

From 2018 to 2020, Encounter Youth is partnering with Variety – the Children’s Charity to offer our alcohol & other drug education program to regional schools in SA without the usual travel fee. This will make alcohol & other drug education more accessible for regional school communities in SA. Find out more here.

Alcohol & Other Drug Education proudly supported by Variety, the Children's Charity.

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