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Find out more about A Lighter Night.We recognise that most anti-binge drinking campaigns and messages focus on raising awareness of the negative impact excessive drinking can have. After consultation with young people about this issue, Encounter Youth established a positive engagement campaign to reduce binge drinking, known as A Lighter Night.

A Lighter Night endeavours to give young people reasons and tools to reduce binge drinking, rather than simply telling them it is risky.

We promote the benefits of drinking less alcohol through the following key messages:

A Lighter Night PhotoboothBy choosing to drink less alcohol –

You will have more money in your back pocket at the end of the night

Your body will thank you, especially the next day

You will be a better mate in a time of need

One Saturday night each month on the corner of Morphett & Hindley Streets, you’ll find our Green Team volunteers engaging with people with wristbands, free water, free food and a free photobooth that directs participants to the A Lighter Night Facebook page to further interact with the campaign.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact form. Return home to see an overview of what we offer at Encounter Youth.