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Students, teaching staff, parents, and community partners have highly commended the relevancy and effectiveness of our alcohol & other drug program. Below are a few of the things we hear from students and teachers.

Student Reviews

I learned that most younger people are now learning about alcohol and drugs more and are being safe. I’m not afraid to not want to drink in the future after I saw [those] statistics.”
Year 9 student, Marymount College 2016
The presentation was of excellent standard. All information served a purpose. Audience interaction was great.”
Year 10 student, Sacred Heart College 2016
If I ever did find myself in a ‘dangerous’ situation, I feel that I’d have more knowledge on how to approach it.” 
Year 11 student, Kildare College 2016
Really educational seminar, done in a way that kept us engaged.”
Year 12 student, Kildare College 2016
The real stories were helpful because they showed us what we should do in a realistic situation.”
Year 9 student, St Peter’s Girls College 2015
It changed the way I feel about myself as a party-goer. Hearing stories about people allocating themselves as a non-drinker for the festival has encouraged me to perhaps do this.” 
Year 12 student, Pembroke Senior School
While I already consider myself to be a safe partyer, I think the seminar just made me consider how to read different situations and how to react to those situations a little more cautiously.” 
Year 12 student, Our Lady of Sacred Heart College
It was done in such a great way. My viewpoint on drugs and alcohol has now strengthened even more and this information gained in this presentation will affect me in everyday life now and in the future.”
Year 12 Student, Our Lady of Sacred Heart College
I learnt that our responsibility is way more important than we thought! It can change our life, in our everyday decisions. Being aware of your responsibilities and vulnerabilities can help you to make wise decisions, to keep you and your friends safe.”
Year 12 Student

Teacher Reviews

Great interaction with students for engagement. Loved the fact that the seminar wasn’t telling the audience ‘what not to do’.” 
Year 9 Coordinator, Marryatville High School 2016
The overwhelming response from both students and staff was that this was the best event we ran all year.”
Head of Senior School, Hallett Cove R-12
Another excellent and relevant presentation once again!”
Head of House, Christian Brothers College
It was professional, clear and provided relevant information to the students.”
Year 11 Teacher, Eynesbury College
Punchy and interactive presentation style with positive advice, honestly delivered.”
Dean, Pembroke Senior School
I see this as an important input as long as there are celebrations of this kind.”
Year Level Coordinator, Cabra Dominican College
The presenters are vibrant, highly engaging and have an excellent understanding of youth culture.”
School Social Worker
Young people should not be told off for being who they are … teenagers. They need honest, unbiased information without any hidden motives about the tough and often confusing choices they need to make. This is important when it comes to choices about Drugs and Alcohol. There is no better partner for this than Encounter Youth Education.”
Youth Development Officer, City of Burnside
It engaged students at their level in a way they felt comfortable and gave them information that will help them make better decisions when confronting new, possibly risky, situations around alcohol and drugs.”
Year 12 Teacher, Christian Brothers College
The content was relevant to the students and was presented in a way that kept the students’ interested and engaged.”
Year 8 Teachers, Mount Carmel College

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