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Schoolies Festival

Help make your Schoolies Festival™ road trip Safe

Transport to and from Schoolies Festival™ is made easy with the free Schoolies Festival™ Bus Service sponsored by the Government of South Australia, THINK! Road Safety partnerships program. Get on board and book your ticket today.

However, if you choose to drive to Schoolies Festival™ remember to THINK! Road Safety throughout the event.

Whether you are driving or walking, be aware that there may be a lot of other young road users out on the roads. Be patient and take extra care, especially on crowded streets.

Schoolies Festival™ is a time to relax and have fun, but also a good time to remember these important rules for P1 and P2 licence holders.

P1 Licence Holders

You must not use any mobile function while driving, including hands-free, Bluetooth technology or loudspeaker operation

You can only carry one friend aged 16 to 20, during both day and night (immediate family members exempt) unless a qualified supervising driver is seated next to you or you meet the exemption criteria. [Read more]

You must not drive between midnight and 5:00am unless a qualified supervising driver is seated next to you, or you meet the exemption criteria. [Read more]

P1 & P2 Licence Holders

You must not:

  • drive with any alcohol or drugs in your system
  • drive a high-powered vehicle
  • drive over 100 km/h even if the local speed limit exceeds 100km/h

For exemption criteria and further details, visit mylicence.sa.gov.au.

Travel in the safest car you can afford

If you’re in the market for your first car, make sure to buy the safest one you can afford. The same applies if you are borrowing or using the family car to travel to Schoolies Festival™.

Check out the safety rating of new and used cars at mylicence.sa.gov.au to choose the safest car available to you.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, click the button below, email us at schooliesfestival@encounteryouth.com.au.

To get the latest announcements and news first, connect with us on the official Schoolies Festival Facebook page or via Instagram and TikTok.