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Alcohol & Other Drugs


Encounter Youth is passionate about equipping young people to celebrate positively and safely. Our alcohol & other drug education program delivers school seminar packages for schools and community groups across Australia.

Below you’ll find the seminars designed for South Australian schools.

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SA School Seminars

Our Encounter Youth Education seminar package is designed to complement the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and accounts for different young people’s stages of development. We are committed to supporting and enhancing your school’s existing alcohol and other drug education and pastoral care programs.

Our school seminar package is fee-for-service and consists of several seminars for year levels 8-12, as well as parents. Our program is designed to strengthen students’ knowledge each successive year and build an effective relationship with students, parents and staff. This holistic approach maximises the effectiveness and value of our program.

Encounter Youth Education is committed to best-practice alcohol & other drug education. As part of this commitment, we do not present one-off seminars to students. Our whole-of-school approach involves students, parents and teachers. This helps the whole school community to be on the same page and have a common language to facilitate conversations about alcohol & other drugs.

Our seminar package may be tailored to suit the needs of the young people, parents and staff at your school. Contact us today to discuss how we can best support your community!

  • Seminar Package

  • Seminar Package

Encounter Youth is excited to announce our new Partner School program. Contact us today to find out how your school can enjoy our whole-of-school approach to alcohol & other drug education at vastly subsidised rates.

What We Cover in our SA School Seminars

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Middle School Program

  • Regard the Risks
    Encounter Youth Education, SA School Seminars, Year 8

    With a focus on how celebrations change during the teenage years, we encourage students and supply them with strategies to navigate those changes effectively and to make choices that are right for them.

    Topics include:

    Standing firm in personal choices
    Cybersafety and parties
    Building resilience
    Strategies to navigate new celebration environments

  • Know Your Limits
    Encounter Youth Education, SA School Seminars, Year 9

    In a time when developing an identity is everything, we encourage young people to be part of the majority who make positive choices when socialising and celebrating.

    Topics include:

    Factors shaping identity
    Positive and negative risk taking
    Strategies to deal with risky situations

  • A Parent’s Guide to Young People, Alcohol & Parties

    Encounter Youth Education, SA School Seminar, Parent Seminar
    As young people transition into high school, we equip parents with strategies to navigate the changing landscape of young people and parties.

    Topics include:

    Talking with young people about alcohol
    Parenting strategies for alcohol and parties
    Positively influencing young people’s choices

Senior School Program

  • Who’s Calling Your Shots?
    Encounter Youth Education, SA School Seminar, Year 10

    The stats, the facts, the risks. This seminar provides the opportunity for young people to consider their own beliefs around drinking and compare these to young people Australia-wide.

    Topics include:

    Brain development
    Trends in illicit drug use
    Realities of alcohol use

  • Alert Not Alarmed
    Encounter Youth Education, SA School Seminar, Year 11

    With a focus on safety when celebrating, this seminar looks at what makes someone more vulnerable and what responsibilities one can take charge of to keep themselves and their mates safe.

    Topics include:

    Party fights
    Safe relationships
    Understanding vulnerability

  • We offer two Year 12 seminars.


    Encounter Youth Education, SA School Seminar, Year 12, #Adulting

    As Year 12s approach adulthood, we continue to encourage them to make great choices and look after themselves and their mates. This seminar discusses the transition to adulthood and all the new responsibilities that entails.

    Topics include:

    Alcohol and the law
    Social responsibility


    Safety at Schoolies

    Encounter Youth Education, SA School Seminar, Year 12, Safety at Schoolies

    The complete end-of-year celebration guide! Whether students are planning on celebrating at Schoolies Festival or out of town, they’ll be equipped with up-to-date, helpful information necessary for partying safely and responsibly. As the people who oversee Australia’s safest school leavers’ celebration, we’re confident they’ll be well prepared.

    Topics include:

    Key warning signs of intoxication
    Practical party safety tips for celebrating
    Debunking alcohol and other drug myths
    Official Schoolies Festival™ information

  • We offer two parent seminars.

    Encounter Youth Education, SA School Seminar, Year 12, Parent Seminars


    A Parent’s Guide to Young People, Alcohol & Parties

    We encourage parents, grandparents and guardians with evidence-based strategies for talking to their young person about alcohol, protecting their home during a party, legal considerations and being a positive influence.

    Topics include:

    Safety tips to protect a person’s home
    How to host a party and the law
    How to talk to a young person about alcohol


    Parent’s Schoolies Festival™ Information Evening

    For parents of school leavers, the end of the year can bring anxiety and fear. This seminar helps to inform parents about the strategies we have in place to make the Schoolies Operation as positive and safe as possible.

    Topics include:

    “Rites of passage” and school leavers’ celebrations
    From chaotic to controlled – the Schoolies Festival™ story
    Young people and alcohol
    Hints and tips for parents of a ‘schoolie’

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We’re passionate about the school seminars we offer and we witness the value added to young people’s lives week in and week out. It will be a pleasure to work with you and your school.

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