Encounter Youth hosts the Schoolies Festival.

Welcome to the Official Schoolies Festival site for South Australia.

Encounter Youth hosts the official, annual Schoolies Festival held in Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor.

We’ve been made aware of other sources who are parading as official hosts, so make sure you’re accessing the official and trusted information you need from this website only.

Since 1999, we have designed the Schoolies Festival for the entire Year 12 cohort, utilising the help of 550 Encounter Youth Green Team volunteers. We want you to avoid any confusion and misinformation during the lead up to the weekend, and we look forward to helping you celebrate in November.

Nigel Knowles, CEO Encounter Youth


23-25 NOVEMBER 2018

Schoolies Festival, 20 years Badge,

Celebrating 20 Years

If you are a current Year 12 student planning to head to Victor Harbor, South Australia, you’re officially invited to our 20th Schoolies Festival .

Managed by Encounter Youth, this website is designed to help inform you (and your family) as you plan and prepare for a fun and safe weekend away celebrating your achievements.

The annual official Schoolies Festival will be held from the 23rd–25th November, 2018 in Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor. Thousands of school leavers over the decades have had the time of their lives, and now it’s your turn!


MAC, Principal Partner of Schoolies Festival™.

Proudly brought to you by the Motor Accident Commission, Principal Partner of the Schoolies Festival.

Schoolies Festival™ Victor Harbor

In 1999, Encounter Youth began coordinating a community response to encourage school leavers to party safely and minimise the impact on the local Victor Harbor community. What began as a chaotic mass gathering has been transformed into a structured and organised three-day event known today as Schoolies Festival.


Gates are open each night between 7:00pm–3:00am, and there are heaps of venues to explore and enjoy with your friends.

Dress-up Theme Party

As voted by YOU, Op Shop has been crowned the dress-up theme winner for Saturday night’s party at Schoolies Festival.

Grab your friends and hit several thrift shops together to find the best gear. We challenge you to find clothes that are one-of-a-kind, so hunt for retro threads and statement pieces at your local.

Remember: there’s no such thing as overdoing the theme!  😉 


Official Schoolies Festival 2018 hosted by Encounter Youth.
Official Schoolies Festival 2018 hosted by Encounter Youth.
Encounter Youth's Green Team volunteers will be on-hand to assist.

Encounter Youth’s Green Team volunteers will be around the entire weekend at Schoolies Festival. They’re on-hand to provide you with any information you need and any support you require. Their goal is to ensure you have a great time celebrating!

Schoolies Festival™ Accommodation Providers

With 2018 being the 20th year of Schoolies Festival, we are busy hand-crafting a bunch of stellar venues for YOU—the Class of 2018—to enjoy with your friends. Get ready for schoolies Victor Harbor!


Make sure you pick a 2018 Endorsed Accommodation Provider to ensure your preparation plans run smoothly.

Schoolies Festival, Endorsed Accommodation Provider, Encounter Youth

We’ve got you covered, whether you want to stay close to all the action in Victor Harbor accommodation, or if you’re after a caravan park near Victor Harbor, then Port Elliot accommodation is also accessible on the Free MAC Schoolies Festival Bus route.


You will need to purchase a Victor Harbor Schoolies Festival ticket from Encounter Youth to gain access to the party.

Bring your ticket and valid photo ID to the Ticketing & Wristband Collection Area, and we’ll swap for your official schoolies wristband for entry into Schoolies Festival.

Download the free schoolies checklist (available in Term 3), so you know how to have the best weekend and to be mindful of schoolies safety!

Keep up with the latest on the Schoolies Festival Facebook page and we’ll have more info here for you soon!

Schoolies Festival™ 2018: Ready to Party?

The Official Schoolies Festival 2018 hosted by Encounter Youth.
The Official Schoolies Festival 2018 hosted by Encounter Youth.
The Official Schoolies Festival 2018 hosted by Encounter Youth.
The Official Schoolies Festival 2018 hosted by Encounter Youth.
The Official Schoolies Festival 2018 hosted by Encounter Youth.
The Official Schoolies Festival 2018 hosted by Encounter Youth.

So get prepared early, buy your ticket and book a seat on the Free MAC Schoolies Festival Bus—because no one wants to miss out on the schoolies Victor Harbor party!

Enjoy taking a good look around this website and read all about how you can plan for a fun, safe and memorable Schoolies Festival.

We look forward to seeing you in November!

To get the latest announcements and news first, connect with us on the official Schoolies Festival Facebook pageand RSVP on the Facebook Eventpage. You can also keep in touch via Instagramand remember to use #SF18 for your countdown posts!