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Plan ahead for Schoolies Festival

Information for Parents

Since 1999 Encounter Youth, a not-for-profit charitable organisation, has been managing Schoolies Festival at Victor Harbor, South Australia. Schoolies Festival™ is part of an extensive Operation that we coordinate to enable young people to celebrate safely, while minimising the impact on the local Victor Harbor community.

Over 450 Encounter Youth Green Team Volunteers are actively involved throughout the operation. The Green Team volunteers come from Christian communities across South Australia. They are committed to making the Year 12s Schoolies experience as fun and safe as possible.

Let us know how your young people are celebrating schoolies in 2024 by emailing us at schooliesfestival@encounteryouth.com.au.

Schoolies Festival™ Toolkit

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Information for Parents

Preparation tips before your young person leaves for Schoolies 2024

  1. Check out our website so you and your young person are informed about where to go, what they can do and the support services in place if they need to seek help.
  2. Before talking with your young person consider preparing what topics you would like to discuss and how you would like to approach each area. If there is more than one parent it is always important to have a unified front on every topic.
  3. Have the discussion with your young person. Encourage your young person with the positive decisions they have already made about planning for the event. Remember, the majority of Year 12 students who celebrate Schoolies make great choices, have a great time and get home safely!

Some questions to consider As A parent:

“What contact would I like to have with my young person over the weekend?”

  • Consider organising a routine time and communication method with your young person over the weekend. Schoolies Festival is open from 7:00pm–2:00am each night so it might be best to schedule your contact outside of that time e.g. maybe during the day between 11:00am and 2:00pm.
  • If you are unable to make contact, try not to panic. Remember phone coverage can be poor at mass gatherings. This includes phone data.
  • Consider having the numbers of your young person’s friends as an option to use if you can’t get in contact with your young person. You may also think about obtaining the phone numbers of the friend’s parents to contact them in a time of need.
  • Social media may also be another great communication tool.

“How am I going to effectively provide safety advice to my young person?”

  • Remember your communication style is important. Encourage your young person to tell you what they have already planned, rather than assuming what they have not planned.
  • Try and avoid statements like ‘Don’t do anything stupid’, ‘Why don’t you…?’ and ‘Do you realise…?’

“How am I going to assist my young person to develop a backup plan if the need arises?”

  • The most important thing is to reassure your young person that you can be contacted no matter what the situation. You may want to discuss another person that they could contact e.g. a family friend or sibling.
  • Discuss the options if your young person were to lose contact with their friends. You could suggest they organise a meeting point for their friends at the Festival (e.g. meet at the Cloakroom each night at 1:00am)
  • Ensure they know the name and address of their accommodation.

Interested in finding out more? Check out our main Schoolies Festival page for a full overview.

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