Plan ahead for Schoolies Festival

For 21 years, Encounter Youth and our Green Team volunteers have supported thousands and thousands of young people in their end-of-year celebrations in Victor Harbor.

While Schoolies Festival™ 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still want to help you and your mates to celebrate the end of your schooling, whatever this looks like for you!

As part of our efforts to support you, we’d love to hear how you and your mates plan to celebrate.

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18 November 2020

In response to today’s announcement made by South Australia Police regarding the upcoming restrictions and the 6-day pause for South Australia, we want to be clear that any travel plans made for schoolies this weekend cannot proceed.

Our thoughts are with the Class of 2020 who have had to endure so much change already this year and will not be able to celebrate with their fellow Year 12s.

Despite the disappointment, we congratulate you on finishing Year 12 and for powering through what has been a very tough school year for you.

We encourage you to join us as we all play our part in keeping ourselves, our families and our friends safe by staying at home.

We look forward to seeing how your resilience, adaptability and strength transforms our community on the other side of our State’s pause.

Nigel Knowles,

CEO Encounter Youth

Due to the cancellation of Schoolies Festival 2020™, Encounter Youth will be offering a full refund to ticket holders.


It’s important to stay up to date with restrictions. Head over to the Restrictions & Responsibilities FAQs to stay informed.

Be prepared! Do your part to keep you and your mates COVID safe.


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→ Always stick with at least one person that you trust.
→ Save the address of where you are staying in your phone
→ Look after your mates.
→ Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water
→ Check out our packing list below!
→ Read through the House Rules of where you are staying, and make sure you understand your responsibilities.
→ Pre-plan your meals


Schoolies Plan Ahead Checklist
Schoolies Plan Ahead Checklist
Schoolies Plan Ahead Checklist

Schoolies Plan Ahead Checklist



Warm clothes → Even though it’s nearly summer it can still become icy cold at night, so bring plenty of warm gear. If you’re camping, don’t forget your sleeping bag, a torch and plenty of warm and waterproof clothing. Don’t forget clean undies!

Dollars → Plan to save enough money for the 3 days, perhaps draw up a budget and think about your accommodation, travel and food. All up, this can be a lot of money so start saving now. ATM’s are available so limit the amount of cash you bring with you to be safe!

Food → Be prepared and organise food with your friends.

Phone charger → A fully charged phone means you can always call for help from friends or family.

Dress up Themes → Each night there will be a party costume theme, so get involved and join in the fun!


Alcohol → You’re only a school leaver once so do yourself and your bank account a favour and leave the alcohol behind so you can remember the best weekend of your life.

Glass → This includes all types of glass and not just alcohol bottles. Broken glass can seriously injure people and wildlife.

Graffiti → Some people think it’s fun to ‘paint the town red’ and graffiti public or private property during the weekend. This is ILLEGAL. While graffiti is a cool art form not everybody appreciates your art on their stuff, so please leave the cans at home.

Knives or weapons → Don’t bring anything that could be considered by police or others to be dangerous.

Valuables → If you would be sad if you lost it, don’t bring it!