Plan ahead for Schoolies Festival


First things first, planning ahead and being organised for Schoolies Festival is the most important step in having the time of your life. So settle in, take some notes and start planning now.

Buy Your Schoolies Festival™ Ticket

WATCH THIS SPACE! Schoolies Festival 2020 standalone tickets are on sale 10am, January 28th 2020! 

Make Sure you buy your ticket

Book Your Travel

Getting to and from the Festival safely is a priority. When you book your Schoolies Festival™ 2020 ticket, you’ll be able to also book a seat on the free Schoolies Festival Bus Service from Adelaide to Victor Harbor.

Remember to book your bus

Book Your Accommodation

Places can book out early so be quick or you might miss out! Check out our Partner and Endorsed Accommodation Providers here!

Plan Ahead

Getting around in Victor Harbor

With your Festival ticket, you get unlimited rides on the free Schoolies Festival Bus Service, funded by the Government of South Australia. You can catch the bus during the day as well as to and from the Festival at night. The service runs right through until the close of the Festival each night. Stay tuned, more info to come… 

Be Safe

We want you to have an awesome time and that involves staying safe. The Encounter Youth Green Team volunteers are always available to help out in the Festival, on buses and in selected accommodation venues. Emergency services and first aid are on the Festival site and prepared to help should they need to. Victor Harbor itself is a 24-hour dry zone during the Festival weekend and there will be extra police around to make sure you all have an awesome time.

Schoolies Festival™ Checklist

Check back here later in 2020 for the most up to date checklist! 

Pack Wisely

Warm clothes – Even though it’s nearly summer it can still become icy cold at night, so bring plenty of warm gear. If you’re camping, don’t forget your sleeping bag, a torch and plenty of warm and waterproof clothing. Victor Harbor has some amazing beaches so be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat and swimmers.

Dollars – Plan to save enough money for the 3 days, perhaps draw up a budget and think about your accommodation, travel and food. All up, this can be a lot of money so start saving now. ATM’s are available so limit the amount of cash you bring with you to be safe!

ID – Don’t forget to bring your student ID or drivers licence to the Schoolies Festival ticket booth to get your wristband. Remember the Festival is for those guys and girls who graduated this year.

Food – Be prepared and organise food with your friends. There will be yummy snacks available in the Festival for a small price. Plus, you are only a minute walk to the Victor Harbor town centre for other food options.

Dress up Themes – Each night of the Festival we will have a party costume theme, so get involved and join in the fun!

Leave it at home

Alcohol – By law Victor Harbor becomes a temporary 24-hour Dry Zone during the week around the Festival, so if you have alcohol in a public area you can be fined. You’re only a school leaver once so do yourself and your bank account a favour and leave the alcohol behind.

Glass – This includes all types of glass and not just alcohol bottles. Broken glass can seriously injure people and wildlife during and after the Festival.

Car – All ticket holders can ride the free Schoolies FestivalBus Service, funded by the government of South Australia whilst at the Festival so don’t waste your money on petrol. Check out all the info on the travel page.

Graffiti – Some people think it’s fun to ‘paint the town red’ and graffiti public or private property during the weekend. This is ILLEGAL. While graffiti is a cool art form not everybody appreciates your art on their stuff, so please leave the cans at home.

Knives or weapons – The Festival is a safe place to celebrate so don’t bring anything that could be considered by police or others to be dangerous.

Antisocial behaviour – The Festival is about having a good time. Crowd surfing and stage diving are unsafe and people can get hurt so this is a no-go. Antisocial school leavers will be removed from venues and may have their wristbands removed. We take this seriously! We reserve the right to refuse entry and eject anyone. See the terms and conditions for more info.

Valuables – If you would be sad if you lost it, don’t bring it! There are large crowds and lost property is hard to track down.

Interested in finding out more? Check out our main Schoolies Festival page for a full overview.

If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, go get your ticket now!