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» » School Seminars » Senior School Program

Senior School Program (Years 10–12)

Engaging 75-minute Seminars
Up to 200 Students
Mapped to Curriculum
Custom Options
Australia Wide

Our Senior School program is designed to uniquely target the challenges faced throughout these years with age-relevant information.

This program consists of a Year 10, 11 and 12 seminar and a choice of either a parent or teacher seminar; thus, four seminars in total.

Each student seminar will be tailored through pre-survey data collected from your students to speak directly to the behaviours and attitudes of your students in comparison to other young people in the same age bracket. A report can then be provided to compare the attitude and possible changes in behaviour after each session.

Senior School Program

The Senior School package includes the Year 10 & 11 seminars and one of the Year 12 seminars…
Senior School Package (Year 10 - 12)
Year 10 Seminar

Who’s Calling Your Shots?

The stats, the facts, the risks. This seminar provides the opportunity for young people to consider their own beliefs around drinking and compare these to young people Australia-wide.

Topics include:
Alcohol and brain development
Attitudes, beliefs and realities of alcohol use
Trends in illicit drug use
Introduction to cannabis
Senior School Package (Year 10 - 12)
Year 11 Seminar

Alert Not Alarmed

With a focus on safety when celebrating, this seminar looks at what makes someone more vulnerable and what responsibilities one can take charge of to keep themselves and their mates safe.

Topics include:
Understanding vulnerability
Key warning signs of intoxication
How to help an intoxicated mate
Consent and safe relationships
Alcohol & other drugs and driving
Senior School Package (Year 10 - 12)
Year 12 Seminar


As Year 12s approach adulthood, we continue to encourage them to make great choices and look after themselves and their mates. This seminar discusses the transition to adulthood and all the new responsibilities that entails.

Topics include:
Social responsibility and support networks
Alcohol and secondary supply laws
Party fights and being a positive bystander
Drink spiking
Introduction to MDMA & ecstasy
Senior School Package (Year 10 - 12)
Year 12 Seminar

Safety at Schoolies

The complete end-of-year celebration guide! Whether students are planning on celebrating at Schoolies Festival™ or out of town, they’ll be equipped with up-to-date, helpful information necessary for partying safely and responsibly. As the people who oversee Australia’s safest school leavers’ celebration, we’re confident they’ll be well prepared.

(Available in Terms 3 & 4)

Topics include:
Key warning signs of intoxication
Practical party safety tips for celebrating
Debunking alcohol and other drug myths
Official Schoolies Festival™ information
The Senior School package includes one of the following four options…
Middle School Package (Year 7 - 9)


A Parent’s Guide to Young People, Alcohol & Parties

As young people transition into high school, we equip parents with strategies to navigate the changing landscape of young people and parties.

Topics include:
Talking with young people about alcohol
Parenting strategies for alcohol and parties
Positively influencing young people’s choices
Middle School Package (Year 7 - 9)


Parent’s Schoolies Festival™ Information Evening

For parents of school leavers, the end of the year can bring anxiety and fear. This seminar helps to inform parents about the strategies we have in place to make the Schoolies Operation as positive and safe as possible.

Topics include:
“Rites of passage” and school leavers’ celebrations
From chaotic to controlled: the Schoolies Festival™ story
Young people and alcohol
Hints and tips for parents of a ‘schoolie’
Middle School Package (Year 7 - 9)


Alcohol & Other Drugs: A Guide for Teaching Staff

This seminar informs teaching staff of the evidence base for many common approaches to drug education. Teachers are equipped with the latest research, trends and resources to support students in their community.

Topics include:
Brain development and risk-taking behaviours
Approaches to alcohol & other drug education
Harm minimisation approach to alcohol & other drug education
Reliable sources of alcohol & other drug information for teachers

This seminar contributes to AITSL teaching standards 2.1, 6.2 & 7.4 .

Middle School Package (Year 7 - 9)


Online Teacher Resource Room

We can provide licenses for up to 10 teachers to access our online Teacher Resource Room.

Includes access to:
Student activities
Links to reliable and evidence-based resources and programs
Up-to-date research about alcohol, other drugs and young people
3.5 hours of Professional Development modules

Learn more about how each student seminar is mapped to the Australian Curriculum & Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum (PDF).

Book Today

The Senior School program is generally presented in a single day with student seminars during the school day, the staff seminar after classes and parents in the evening. If your community cannot accommodate this, we can customise an option for you; however, there may be additional costs for extra educators and possible travel costs.

The Senior School program can be booked as a 1-Day Package (Years 10-12) or with the Middle School program in a discounted 2-Day package (Years 7-12).