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Hindley Street Program, Encounter Youth

Volunteer On Hindley?

Encounter Youth Green Team on Hindley Street

The Hindley Street Program offers a unique missional opportunity for volunteers from churches across Adelaide. How so? 

It’s an opportunity to serve in a frontline ministry situation.

Yes, on the streets … where we can model the servant heart and hands of Jesus to people who find themselves in compromising and challenging situations.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to be part of the Church in our city in action.

Yes, we live out our faith in the city of Adelaide, carrying out acts of service and good deeds.

Where does all this happen?

Good question.

As you may know, Hindley Street is a popular celebration area in the city of Adelaide, consisting of numerous bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues, many of which hold 24-hour liquor licenses. These venues have a combined maximum capacity of approximately 17,000 people. As evident by the consistent media coverage, there is a concerning number of alcohol-related problems which impact public safety in Hindley Street.

By invitation from South Australia Police, Encounter Youth launched the Hindley Street Program in August 2011. Today, the Hindley Street Program is supported by the South Australian Government through the Attorney-General’s Department and SA Police, as part of their crime prevention strategies.

Volunteering on Hindley Street is an amazing way to live out your faith, in a way that is engaging, relevant and appreciated. The novelty wears off pretty quick at 4 o’clock in the morning, but it’s the sort of thing you do if you’re looking for a way to live out your faith in a way that is practical and to be Jesus in a situation that is not easy going.”

Damian, Volunteer Team Leader

There was one guy who was pretty sick. He couldn’t really talk to us much, he was pretty intoxicated and vomiting everywhere. We were able to help him out, give him water and a vomit bag and help him get into a taxi so that he could get home safe.”

Christy, Volunteer Team Leader

Every Saturday night in the Hindley Street entertainment precinct, between 11:30pm and 5:00am, a group of Encounter Youth Green Team volunteers patrol the area offering a safe presence to young people. In addition to this, we also refer to relevant services, give out free water, and remain vigilant in making themselves available to Hindley Street patrons — from providing support to those in distress, to hanging out with those who want to chat.

As mentioned, this is a completely unique missional environment. Our work can be confronting as we engage on the frontline of key issues facing our society. It certainly requires faith, courage and a willingness to sacrificially serve.

The Hindley Street Program is a great opportunity to make a real difference in the community and engage with some of our city’s most lost and lonely.

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