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What’s My
Learning Style?

Do you ever get frustrated because you can’t remember what a teacher said during a lesson and you’d rather they just gave you a handout? Or, do you feel overwhelmed when you’re told to read six chapters for homework and you’d rather just listen to someone speak about those chapters? Or do you sometimes feel you’d learn something better if you just jumped right in and tried it before hearing the instructions?

If you have (and even if you haven’t felt any of those in particular), it probably means you have a specific way you like to learn things.

Learning styles are various ways that people best take in and remember information. Knowing your learning style can vastly improve your efficiency when studying, allowing you take in the maximum amount of information in the smallest amount of time.

Take the quiz below to discover your learning style.

Courtney Turner, Encounter Youth

Courtney Turner – Education Officer

B.Mus M.Mus
Courtney is our Education Officer. She presents our Encounter Youth Education program to students across a variety of schools and year levels. Courtney comes from a musical background and loves being able to use her performance experience to be an effective and engaging presenter. She is passionate about making an impact in the lives of young people and is dedicated to supporting them in making positive choices that are right for them.