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For Young People

At Encounter Youth, we know the majority of young people celebrate with their mates, have a great time, make great choices and arrive home safely. We know some risky things can occur, so we want to provide you with all the information so you can make a choice that’s right for you, and choices that will ensure you and your mates continue to celebrate safely in the future.


Before Heading on a night outWe realise some parties can bring an expectation and pressure to do things outside a person’s comfort zone or may challenge a person’s values and beliefs. We’d like to introduce you to a different type of ‘PRES’ to think about before heading on a night out with your mates.

  • Prepare with reliable information
    You are most likely to ask your mates for advice before anyone else but remember they’re learning as well and may not know all the facts. Be encouraged to find out from a credible source.
  • Rate the risk
    Should you fill out a report about all the things that could go wrong before heading on a night out? It doesn’t have to be that official but definitely have a good conversation with the people you’re with as to what you’re all comfortable with. Is what you have planned rating too high in risk? What happens if your night doesn’t go to plan eg. get split up? a mate has had too much to drink? Things to have a good chat about.
  • Explore your options to getting home safely
    Can you safely get to and from the party you want to attend? We’d encourage you to know who’s car you’re getting into? who is driving? how they drive? And always have a back-up plan.
  • Settle on the decisions you want to make before, during and after the party.
    Everyone wants to get to the end of their night and know they have made choices that they are confident with. If you make a decision at the start of the night know it’s a great choice to follow through with it.

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